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Summer House Concert Series to be streamed on Creative Community

Weekly Live concerts with limited live seating and worldwide streaming audience featuring:
• Labor in Vain
• 2GBD
• Chris Florio Tom Palance Quartet
• Wes Wirth
 • Keezing-Florio
and more to be announced.

click to learn more or to find out about RSVP for live attendence

These concerts are presented thanks to a grant from Creative Community

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Labor in Vain

Live performance August 5, 2022
streaming August 12, 2022

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Passion Records summer 2022
House Concerts

Full Calendar of Shows and RSVP info here:

Calendar RSVP info

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Thomas Palance - Chris Florio Quartet

Live performance August 19th, 2022 streaming August 20, 2022

RSVP for Live Show Thomas Palance website Chris Florio website Chris Florio-Thomas Palance on YouTube Hear duets on SoundCloud


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